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Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive Sensors by Turck

Package Inspection

One of the major benefits of capacitive sensors is their ability to sense through low-dielectric materials. With the sensitivity properly adjusted, these sensors can be used to “see through” an object wall to detect its contents. From inspecting jars through a cardboard box to sensing ammonia in a vat - capacitive sensors are made for these applications. In addition, capacitive sensors have the ability to sense most materials including wood, plastics, cardboard, glass, grain, all metals and most fluids. The versatility of these sensors can help you save time and run more efficiently.

Grain and Plastic Pellet Detection

The wide sensitivity band of Turck sensors allows for detection of a variety of granular or powdered materials. Capacitive sensors are widely used to monitor the level of plastic pellets in the hoppers of injection molding machines. Turck’s new BCC and BCF line of sensors are ideal for this application. Turck Intrinsically Safe NAMUR sensors are also used in grain elevators to monitor the levels of materials ranging from rice and barley malt to corn and soybeans.

Small Parts Detection

Another great use for capacitive sensors is to detect small items as they come down the assembly line. They can be used to count product or sense proper operation of the line. Choose from many styles with short-circuit and overload protection in AC, DC and Intrinsically Safe NAMUR.